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    You to Bridge from

    Idea to Execution

    Vision to Action


    Make Change Possible through

    Creating, Building, Pitching with Constraints





    Know & Help Your Customers First

    To Get Paid to Build a Real Business

  • Your First Step to Reset & Reinvent
    > For Career Change & Business Building

    Keeping a Day Job Helps You Maintain Your Financial Integrity,

    Meaning, You'll Have The Cash Cushion for Weathering Storms

    and Not Making Bad Decisions Caused by Financial Stress.


    Make Some Small Shift First.

    Keep Your Day Job Helps.


    Making Change, Building a Business Take Time.

    The Best Time To Start Is NOW.


    Instead of Wasting Your Time or Thousands of Dollars on Online Programs,

    Start One of These Plans Below and Get The Fun Going First.


    Once You See Your Path Forward, You Then Decide

    if a Program is Your Best Viable Option.


    You Are Your Biggest Asset.

    Your Time is Your Biggest Capital.


    These DIY Approaches Help You Save Time and Money.


    Don't Waste Your Money & Hope on an Online Course that

    1. Cost You > $1,000

    2. Put You in Front of Videos after Videos

    3. Promise you the "get rich" & "work less" formula

    (Note, in case you trust those "celebrity" marketing schemes more than

    your own logic+intuition+budget, come back

    for the reset after you take their courses.

    You can also check out some free YouTubers'

    videos exposing how online deception works in Funds & Resources.)


    Becoming Alive by Reinvention

    Reboot Express TM

    Who Is This For?

    Corporate directors, executives and professional leaders who feel stuck in career & life and are ready to seek change.

    What Do You Get?

    A 60 minute interview and a writing brief that identifies your best viable options and action plan to move forward.


    (Includes a personal financial model template & a vision-action map)

    Becoming Focus with Clarity

    Viable Business Path ForwardTM

    Who Is This For?

    Former corporate leaders or professionals who are ready to explore ideas and viable business

    What Do You Get?

    A 60 minute interview and a writing brief that identifies your viable ideas and an action plan forward.


    (Includes an action plan with specific measurable goals to explore and execute on one idea)

    Becoming Exceptional by 10X Vision

    10X Vision to ActionTM

    Who Is This For?

    Founders or CEOs with a 6 or 7 figure business and want to sustain & accelerate growth with 1 to 10 employees.

    What Do You Get?

    A 90 minute interview and a writing brief that identifies your vision, business opportunities and a vision-driven action plan to move forward.


    (Includes both personal & business financial model templates & a vision-action map)

    * If you want to experience what it is like

    to create and build a product or new path

    in your spare time, join my Create-Build-Pitch Program.

    It's a 3 month, week-by-week hands-on guidance via live zoom.

  • To Get Paid Well As An Entrepreneur:

    Build Your Business From The Outside In,

    Create Yourself From The Inside Out.

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