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  • What is Pull Impact?


    Pull Impact consists of a theory, a movement and an economy that seek to provide a better option and future for work, life and business.



    Pull Impact Theory


    Pull impact theory seeks to change the current business model and strategy to make a better future for entrepreneurs and the society they serve and create values for.


    The theory answers these three questions:

    1. What is the status quo we want to see change in the current economy and business world?
    2. Do we have the power to create an alternative one?
    3. Is there room for more than one theory and one economy?

    If you have you been growing impatient, disappointed and even outraged at how the big corporations and unicorns of the world run the business world, you will see and understand why there is a need for a change to create another model and shape a new economy.


    The purpose of the new model is not to displace the current one but as an alternative to counter balance it, making the world friendlier for entrepreneurs and those they seek to serve and work with. As entrepreneurs, we all have the power to counter balance the current dark force and make the change collectively and connectively.


    In an abundance world, there are always room for more than one economy, more than one future.



    Pull Impact Movement


    The change we seek to make and see


    The change we seek to make and see starts with this pull impact theory. Together we can expand the theory and build it into a movement and an economy.


    In an ultra-simple way, economy is money and money is power. Money may not be our sole purpose of going into entrepreneurship, but to grow and sustain our business, we need to both provide and capture values by building a business with purpose and profit. Be sustainable.


    If you are in business for purpose and profit, you may resonate with the Pull Impact Theory. If you are in business to maximize profit, you are part of what I call the Push Impact Economy, which is the current economy and business model that call for maximizing shareholder values at all costs and at the expenses of most people.


    You will soon ask how would a theory become an economy. As entrepreneurs, we may not be in the business for the sole purpose of making money. However, we are in the business of creating wealth, for ourselves and our community. We build meaningful relationship and give meaningful work to others. We uphold the value of humanity while advancing culture instead of destroying it for profit and profit alone. And when wealth circulates and supports the pull impact business model, we create an alternative economy.


    The Pull Impact Framework 


    The theory offers a framework for creating a set of business principles in choosing and formulating our business strategy and running our business. The framework starts with a Vision. Together with Principles + Strategy, the framework offer a clear game plan for investment decisions, tactics selection and execution, and other actions. They all work together in clarity and alignment to create and capture values, provide work and generate wealth for our community, and make a sustainable impact that matters. In addition, principles + strategy help us all ask the right questions, gain insights and see our future. Seeing our future is not the same as predicting our future. No one can predict the future.


    See our future and the world we want to live in is about:


    • mapping strategy and direction of our businesses
    • creating a new market frontier for our products and services in serving customers who are being underserved
    • providing value and reinvesting the value we capture to generate wealth and well-being for those who are impacted by our businesses
    • reinvesting back in the entrepreneur ecosystems to help others to be in control of their own lives


    Pull impact theory helps create a paradigm shift in how entrepreneurs build their businesses and creative freedom, share their intellectual curiosity, create and capture value, and grow and sustain their businesses. It helps shape the future of how we choose to live, play, work, create freedom and wealth. It propels us to live in the world where success means being happy, healthy and fulfilled.


    The ultimate success formula is: Success = 80% Fulfillment + 20% Achievement

  • Pull Impact Economy


    The Duality of Pull Impact & Push Impact Economies




    I’d like to invite YOU to join me on this journey


    To Build a Pull Impact movement.


    Together we can shape and build a new economy.


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