Seek Growth in the Creator Economy

  • Don't Quit Your Professional

    Career to Pivot


    - #1: Keep Your Day Job

    - #2: Build Your Creator Model on the Side


    > Pivoting Takes Time, Patience & Money

    >> Future of Work: Every Winner is a Creator

    What is a Creator Model? 

    A creator model is a business model only you can offer,

    in the emerging creator economy.


    The Podcast for Change

    Interviews + solo episodes

    on seeking career changes and

    building thriving businesses,

    even without the experience

    or the required background to start.


    If you want to accelerate your impact through a career change and

    business, this is the podcast

    for you. But yes, do keep your day job.

    Your Talk for Change & Pivot

    You want to talk through your ideas

    without the fear of being judged.

    You don't need advice or help.


    Book a 20-minute free zoom

    session and I'll listen

    (as a professional listener).

    No pitch, no sales.

    You can ask me anything relating to change and career pivot.


    Your Power for Change

    You want to create & build a creator model (not just any side hustle or business) and

    leverage your knowledge and skillsets.

    This is the best way to ease into

    the change & building a creator model that sustains you.


    Learn the DIY way to Start creating.

    Start building.

  • About

    You like to do things the untraditional or unconventional way. For years, you have been doing what you don't like because change is hard. Change is uncomfortable and risky. What if ... What if it doesn't work?


    Now you're finally ready to make some shift. After all, you've been successful. You know you're a high achiever with a bold vision and ambition. You know you have more to make a difference in your own life and others.


    Like you, I was afraid to make a change for years until a few critical moments that shifted my choices and perspectives.


    You know this. Change doesn't happen like a lightning strike. However, there are ways to do it better, faster and ROI effective. I've learned it the painful and costly way.


    The path to change could be much more productive and joyful. It's not about a formula that works for others. If you follow others blueprint or formula based on their business model, you'll become one of many in this noisy world.


    Emulating the most successful people, influencers or well-known gurus might work 5 years or even 1 year ago. It's increasingly hard for you to make it to be one of many, even for traditional businesses. How do I know? Because I've tried and invested in these people and I found that their boilerplate approaches only work for less than 1% of the people who have already invested in their paths for years. i.e. 99% failed.


    So how do you DIY your own success? Build a creator model to start instead. What does that mean?


    It's about how you mix your interchangeable skillsets and knowledge to make the best and most out of what you have and what you can improve. But first, keep your day job while exploring your new paths.


    If you're here, welcome to the change journey. First, plan your change. Then pivot to what works.

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    Interviews + Solo:

    Career Change & Entrepreneurship

    Kelsey Moreira

    From $0 to $2M in 2 Years

    What does it take to go from $0 to $2M, from Intel employee to Entrepreneur on Forbes' 30Under30 and Shark Tank?


    Listen to Kelsey's episode to find out more.

    Amy Williams

    From non-tech advertising manager to tech startup CEO

    What does it take to be on Nasdaq's featuring entrepreneur, after going from being an advertising agency's manager to be a tech startup that change the games in advertising and charitable donation. 

    Mina Solo

    Why a Podcast on Change

    Some of my audience told me this is their favourite episode on why and how I started a podcast about career change and entrepreneurship. Check if you like this one too.

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  • "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."


    - George Bernard Shaw

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