• Some Funding & Resources You May

    Find Helpful

    For Small Businesses and Startups

  • Resources

    For Elevating Your Resilience, Creativity,

    Health and Even Humor

    While Working From Home

    Uncommon Book List for Entrepreneurs


    • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (Founder of Nike)  If you think you're going though a tough time, this is the book for you. Even during the normal time, it takes persistence and resilience to build a business worth growing.
    • No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reid Hastings The principles and insights will work well for businesses in the creative fields or traditional companies looking to bridge into creative business models with reinvention and innovation.
    • Play Bigger by Dave Peterson, Al Ramadan, etc. If you want to be a category leader in your field or industry in a noisy world, this is the book.
    • The Catalyst by Jonah Berger. If you've read Pre-suasion and Influence by Robert Cialdnin, this book will help you build your dimension. If you can read this book while watching any movie about negotiation, it'll add to your understand and learning. 
    • If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland. It helps to write simple and well as an entrepreneur.  You may have read all the books by Steven Pressfield. This book will give you another perspective. In general, writing well is critical for thinking and processing ideas, even if you don't write for a living or do any copy writing.
    • Range by David Epstein. If you like to find your unique potential by operating at the intersection of your talented skills, this is the book to give you some ideas.
    • Loonshots by Safi Bahcall. This is the book about how to nurture your crazy ideas that wins wars (like covid-19 pandemic), cure diseases, and transform industry. Sounds like a great book for covid-19 crisis now.
    • Give Work by Leila Janah. It's a book about how to impact the world by giving work and building sustainable living for most. 

    Reading Sites Worth Visiting


    • Marginal Revolution an economic blog in the language you'd understand without consuming too much of your energy, while at the same time, thought provoking. (Note -some views are grounded but some are quite controversial. In general, it's good to be able to see both sides of the same coin.)
    • Morning Brew It has a good amount of the daily information you need (if you live in US), including Markets & Performance, Media, Covid-19 Around the World, Sports, etc. (Watch out for the sponsored posts or links, it may not worth your time or click especially when it's about money or finance).
    • Peter Thiel's Religion
    • The Collaborative Fund's Blog
    • Seth's Blog
    • Wait But Why Elon Musk is a fan of this site. Check out the mini posts if you want a short form read instead of his regular long form blog posts.
    • Stratechery
    • Marketoonist Bring humor to business with cartoons. For founders who need to learn and know about marketing, you will enjoy this one.
    • Mark's Daily Apple On health, nutrition, fitness, Primal lifestyle, Paleo, Keto, etc.
    • The Dr. Gundry Podcast on YouTube Dr. Steven Gundry MD, is a renowned cardiologist and surgeon. For the last 15 years, Dr. Gundry has been focusing on using diet to deal with health issues.
    • Dr. Nada Sanders - human and machine, the best way forward.


    Captivating Interviews

    (For geeks or podcasters who care about conversations)


    Online Guru (Courses/Conference) Deception Busted

    (For people who wonder why the $2000+ course doesn't work)


    • Coffeezilla - expose fake gurus using deceptive marketing and advertising to prey on vulnerable people in desperate situations.
    • Mike Winnet - uncover contrepreneurs and help you detect bullshit when being targeted)
    • James Jani - highly entertaining way of exposing fake gurus' deceptions.
    • Tom Nash - review and expose online marketers and gurus.
    • The Antibot - debunk MLM & cult like business models
  • Early Stage Funding

    The Best Way is to Bootstrap and Fund Your Own Startup.

    The 2nd Best is Funding from Friends and Family.

    The 3rd is Fundings from Angel Investors or Early Stage VCs.

    Crowd Funding is Also a Good Alternative.

    Early Stage Venture Capital Funds/Firms


    1. January Venture
      An equal opportunity venture fund that gives women and women founder of colour more chances to play the game and join in early.
    2. rippl 
      Open to all high-impact startups with a focus in the regions of Australia and New Zealand.
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