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Ep 8 - Do Good and Become Impossible to be Ignored

Amy Williams, former advertising account manager turned entrepreneur, shares how she turned her innovative idea to a game changer for global brand advertising, consumer empowerment and chartable donation.


Amy Williams, now founder & CEO of Good-Loop, is changing and shaping the landscape of global brand advertising by empower consumers to give chartiable donation using advertisers' money. It's truly a win-win-win situation for all parties. As an online advertising platform, Good-Loop helps use the advertising money to solve the world's problems.

Amy's startup journey proves that building a startup worth growing is also good for business. Her innovative idea and ingenious execution has led her to secure a tech co-founder, recieve support from an accelerator, grow her global brand customer base and now be poised for scale with a seed round venture funding.

In this episode, you'll hear how impactful innovation can be simple and yet powerful. From Amy's story, being an employee could be the best time to start connecting the dots to solve the world's problem. Amy also shares her initiatives and all the critical moves she used to turn her idea into a meaningful reality.

You can find Amy Williams at:

Twitter (Amy's personal account):

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