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Ep 24 - ER Doctor's Actionable Insights on Business and Health Care Solutions

Kate, ER doctor and farm owner, shares how she faces her own risk in mortality and in business during the pandemic. She also shares her view on health care solutions. Controversial? Perhaps.

Side hustle is a popular term nowadays, but how exactly do you go to build one? How do you use your skills from your professional training to run your own side hustle or business? How to have a career & business on parallel tracks? What about the health care system we have learned to care about during the pandemic?

On today's episode, Kate shares all that and more. In particular:

  • How to use the 3rd base position for making business decisions
  • Why she becomes emotional when facing her own mortality
  • Do doctors and frontline workers have mental health supports
  • Why building a side hustle and making it sustainable right from the beginning is essential, from 3 perspectives.
  • What does sugar have to do with cigarettes
  • What could be the solutions for the future of health care system
  • How do we as a society take care of those who are the most vulnerable
  • Why do we need to educate & offer women family planning services across the world
  • What's Kate's superpower and how did she build that
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