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Ep 23 - ER Doctor and Farm Owner on Careers, Health Care and Food

Kate Field, an ER doctor and a farm owner, runs two career tracks in parallel. In terms of health, her views are at the two ends of the spectrum. Are her choices and views in career, health and food an indication of possibility for those who are uncertain with work, life & business?


Kate Field is an emergency doctor in Tasmania, Australia. She also trains ER doctors while running a farm with her husband, Iain Field (a PhD himself). Kate's interview is released in two parts.

In today's episode (part 1), Kate shares her inspiration in medicine, her choice in becoming an emergency doctor instead of a surgeon, and her decision to own and run a farm with her husband. Did her work and social circles think she's crazy to make such a move?


She also shares how her early financial habits and decisions with her husband had allowed them to buy a farm, without a loan or taking on outside investments.


Next week, our second part of the conversation will be on Covid-19 and the post-pandemic health care solutions Kate would want to see. She has some great and bold ideas. She'll also shares her worries as an ER doctor with two young kids at home and how she weathers this crisis with her farm business. Stay tuned.

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