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Ep 20 - Pilot and Commercial Airline Capital on Power and Vulnerability

At the height of Erika Armstrong's career as a female pilot and commercial airline captain, how did life knock her to the ground? How did she rebuild her life and reinvent herself, now with 427,000 followers on LinkedIn?


In this second part of our conversation, Erika and I talk about how highly educated, powerful and intelligent women can get trapped in a life cycle and crash into the ground. Also, how we can regain our power by reaching out to others and get the support from other women.

This conversation is bit uncomfortable. We talk about domestic violence which is more common than you think or know. We talk about the importance of maintaining our own financial identity no matter the situation we're in. We talk about how simply and rich life can be when we know how to create happiness from within.

Fun facts: Can you tell the difference between an airline captain and their co-pilot/First Officer by looking at their uniforms? If you see a 4-stripes uniform, they are a captain. If you see a 3 stripes uniform, they are a First Officer.

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