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Ep 18 - From Noodle Street Vendor Kid to UBS Banker Boss to Entrepreneur and International Speaker

Eric Sim, founder of Institute of Life, shares how he uses his street skills from selling noodle as a kid to advance his career in investment banking and his life in general. Now as a banker, lecturer, speaker and writer, he has found his happy place.


Eric Sim helped his dad sell noodle on the street of Singapore growing up. He failed both Math & English at School and received discouraging remarks from his teacher. Despite the remarks, Eric graduated from university with an engineering degree and advanced his study and career in finance and investment banking.

He built his personal brand on LinkedIn and his side business while still working as the Managing Director at UBS. Now he has amassed close to 2.8M followers.

In this episode, Eric shares how he always has multiple projects going on, including holding a job as the managing director while travelling for lectures and speaking engagements. When he left UBS in 2017, his transition from banking to entrepreneurship was smooth.

He also shares how he uses his street vending skills to create a wealthy and happy life.

You can find Eric Sim at:


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