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Ep 16 - Quitting Google as VP of Global Communications & PR

Why did Jessica Powell leave Google as the Head of PR? Her position at Google is a dream job for many people who see status and money as the ultimate success.

Jessica Powell, former Google VP turned music software startup cofounder, author and writer, shares her journey at Google and in the tech industry. Her fictional novel, The Big Disruption, has a unique view of the Silicon Valley and its culture, with fresh insights and humour.

Jessica attributes her career up the Google ladder to both serendipity and hard work. Or as she described humbly, luck and timing played a big part. Perhaps luck favours the bold when

Jessica said YES to many projects when no one wanted to do them.

In today's episode, Jessica also shares how she got started in London, as an American and how she has navigated her career and life through different challenges and opportunities.

You can find Jessica Powell at:



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