• Why I Care About Change for Your?

  • Hi, I'm Mina

    An entrepreneur, strategist and creator dedicated to helping entrepreneurs see their future and helping those who are determined to create and transform their business to align with their vision and life purpose.

  • In my former corporate finance career, I spent years cultivating the “talent” to build a dream imposed by others, and building wealth for the very few.


    I was unfulfilled, but carried on in fear of losing my identify, social status and financial comfort.


    For years, I traded in my creative freedom and intellectual curiosity for money and social conformity. I had financial comfort, not financial freedom.


    Like so many others, I was in a success trap until one night. I woke up asking myself: “Will I stay if they pay me a million dollars? The next day, I resigned from my high-pay, high-status job.


    Not knowing what to do next, I followed the dogma of "pursuing your passion" while doing some financial consulting on the side.


    Little did I know that passion alone is not enough. And doing "what I do the best' with numbers anchored me firmly in the past. Even when a new opportunity presented itself launching a multi-million-dollar startup project, I couldn't move forward.


    After my passion business and the startup project failed, I knew something was missing.


  • Because of my own struggles, I discovered
    that my past, my fear and my limiting beliefs
    had held me back.

    My first business and the startup project failed because I was operating in limitations, not opportunities.


    In fear, I was busy chasing the next shinning object and tactic, and forgot about strategy.


    In guilt, I was busy using my financial "talent" to build the startup project and raise funds from venture capitalists. I focused on the numbers, not the big picture. I lost my vision.


    On top of that, I started to worry about an reoccurrence of another depression. I had a clinically diagnosed depression after a car accident six years earlier.


    Unlike many other great minds who have had a car accident, I didn't experience an epiphany of life after the event. Instead I spiraled down into depression. During the day, I was performing at the top of my game. At night, I was contemplating killing myself.


    The depression was physical. My body became my mind. Through cognitive behavioural therapy, I recovered and realized the power of cognitive function and health.


    Through further studies and reflection, I learned the simplicity of human potentials , operating at the intersection of opportunities and limitations.


    If we lead our business with fear, we set our own limitations. If we lead with tactics, we will be lost and adrift. If we lead with a short view, we go big but become small.


    If we want growth with ease & speed, we become mediocre. If we're stuck in the past, we can't see and create our future. If we're trapped in our success, we can't create and innovate for our moon-shot vision.


  • Once I discovered all that, I was
    on a quest to create myself from within,
    reinventing and transforming myself.

    Sensing my transformation, my consulting clients started to ask for help. That's why I created Pull Vision. Now, happiness is my daily practice. Inspiring change to create wealth, health and happiness is my purpose.


    I constantly use my life as an experimentIt. It's an on going process, and it's transformative at every turn. I feel deeply fulfilled seeing more of my clients' transformations, and their impact on their families and communities.


    I've never been healthier in my whole life. Now I see my future. I'm living my purpose and vision, on a quest to impact millions by helping entrepreneurs see their future and live their future now.

  • I believe in human potential,

    manifested through your business

    Think who you want to be.
    See your future and your vision.
    Act daily to align with your vision and live your future now.
    You create yourself and your own realty.
    Once you accept the full responsibility
    for your life & your success, you're in control.


    It’s never too ambitious to want to build a business to change the world. It's possible to build wealth, health and happiness into your business. You don’t need to limit yourself with a for-profit or for-purpose mindset.


    Wealth is more than money. Wealth is about making money, growing it and investing it. When you invest in yourself and others, you start building wealth. Invest in what you believe in.


    When you're happy, you gain new perspectives daily and you see new possibilities. You have the energy and excitement to keep going, to play at the edges and tap into the unknown and also abundance.


    You operate in opportunities.


    It’s only natural to build wealth, health and happiness into your business, for you, your family and your community.


    Together, you help expand your community and build a world where wealth, health and happiness are by choice, not by limitation.


    Join me on this quest, to elevate your life and transform your business. No one can achieve greatness and go far alone. Let’s work together. And it’s fun.


    (A little secret: My curiosity about people makes me feel like a dog, always being excited at meeting people. As an introvert, I’m like a cat, happy to be in solitude. So I’m like a cat wanting to be like a dog. Thank goodness I love both cats and dogs, and experienced both growing up. What sort of cat wants to be a dog?)

    Fun facts: When taking a break

    from building businesses,

    I enjoy reading, eating & making keto

    ice-cream (no machine, no sugar)

    and windsurfing.

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